Being a Colorado native, I hear stereotypes about Coloradans constantly; This only increased with the legalization of marijuana. So, according to those stereotypes, you would think we would Google things like  “legalization of weed” the most. Or, at least if we are a bunch of stoners, as many across the country think we are, we would be searching some pretty laid-back, superficial things. Like the blood moon, or Amy Schumer or “What does ‘bae’ mean?”. But Coloradans are a bit more interested in serious manners than one might predict. Our top searches were: The Syrian War, Water on Mars, Mass shootings and the Keystone Pipeline. All of the mentioned searches listed above are tops searches for other states. Find which ones they are! Yes, someone did search “What does ‘bad’ mean?” the most. According to this infographic, here are the top searches for every state: Alabama: Ben Carson Alaska: Barak Obama Arizona: 2nd Amendment Arkansas: ISIS California: Volkswagon Scandal Colorado: Water on Mars Connecticut: Frank Gifford Deleware: Pope Francis Florida: Concealed weapons permit Georgia: Whip dance Hawaii: Apple Watch Idaho: Vaccines Illinois: Super blood moon Indiana: Jared Fogle Iowa: Bachelorette (TV show) Kansas: World Series Kentucky: Dusty Rhodes Louisiana: Blue Bell Ice-cream recall Maine: Amy Schumer Maryland: Ta-Nehisi Coates Massachussets: Charlie Hebdo Michigan: Marriage Equality Minnesota: Black Lives Matter Mississippi: Ashley Madison Missouri: Right to keep and bear arms Montana: Wolves Nebraska: Kaley Cuoco Nevada: Lamar Odom New Hampshire: Deflategate New Jersey: Hillary Clinton email New Mexico: Pluto New York: Charlie Sheen HIV North Carolina: Confederate Flag meaning North Dakota: NFL Draft Ohio: Legalize Weed Oklahoma: Caitlyn Jenner Oregon: Syria Pennsylvania: Royal baby Rhode Island: Brian Williams South Carolina: Trump for President South Dakota: Fitbit Tennesse: N.R.A Texas: Miranda Lambert divorce Utah: Transgender Vermont: Climate change Virginia: Boko Haram Washington: Leonard Nimoy West Virginia: Magic Mike XXL (movie) Wisconsin: Marriage Equality Wyoming: Blake Shelton + Gwen Stefani   What lies ahead in the Big Data and Internet of Things world?

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