The phrase used to be “Time is money.” Today it’s “Data is money.” As a company, it’s one of your most valuable assets; this is why there are hackers and data security services. Because of this, we understand why companies are concerned about giving us access to their data. But what makes Cliintel special is the fact that we are non-invasive. we receive our client’s data downstream. We never go directly into someone’s system, so we don’t alter any of the data. Because we do not have direct access to clients’ systems, you may be wondering how we receive their data? In Jessica Speer’s words, we receive it through a “…secure file transfer protocol where there’s data encrypted.” Essentially, we receive it through the internet. And when we receive it, the providers have the ability to provide us only what they want us to analyze. Therefore, we will not receive any personally identifiable data; it does not put the provider or their customers at risk. May question why they cannot simply do all of this internally. Jessica gives a great analogy in this podcast.
Big Data Fears – What Can Big Data Analytics Do To Companies?
Sometimes we will self-diagnose at home and take cold medicine, but if we need an appendectomy, we are definitely going to go to the hospital and request a surgeon who is trained. You can only go so far internally. We have also found that many companies are concerned about finding out their problems. Just liked we sometimes won’t go to the doctor because we are scared of finding out what’s wrong with us. However, if your costs are out of control, isn’t it better to find out sooner, rather than later?  

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