Farming is no longer about the biggest tractors and cultivators that can cover the most area- it is now a technological race between manufacturers of who can create the highest tech machinery. These machines are revolutionizing big farming, field by field, and big data is entering the farming industry full force. There are currently machines that have steering assisted by satellite, can download data about crops and soil straight to agronomists and farm managers, work 24-7, and can link with ground sensors and drones to tell within a square meter the size of a field and where the most fertile or waterlogged places are. Even better? It’s comfortable! By allowing these farmers to spend more time analyzing the field than driving, as well as adding the hugely important aspect of big data, farming is becoming more efficient than ever before. This machine mentioned above (the T8.435) is just the beginning of a very big change that is happening to the farming industry across the world. Soon enough, a a farm manager will be able to live and work in Germany, run machines in England, download weather data from the US, and sell the produce on the global market. The amount of data that these machines are able to gather is nothing short of amazing. Examples of uses for this abundance of data are identifying which weeds are where in a field, measuring the crop as it is being cut, mapping fields, identifying where fertilizer is needed, and so on. These machines that are continuously improving are doing to the farming industry what every business today wants: saving both time and money. It’s simple. The technology has made for better farming.
Big data, machinery, climatology and agronomy are all combining to increase productivity and reduce labor costs. Now farmers have access to data that they never had before. They can measure everything rather than taking straight samples. This is all saving both time and labor, and aiding the people rather than simply replacing them.
I wonder what data the technology will bring next!

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