As a data analytics and consulting firm, it is obvious that we fully embrace the data-driven life. Some fear that we are becoming so reliant on not just technology, but data itself. Some even fear that data analytics will completely drive out human intuition from business. But Big Data is consistently getting wrongly accused for replacing jobs, from recruiters to executives. This fear is irrational. Ultimately, there will always be a need for human intuition. To use big data and technology successfully,┬ásociety needs to switch its mindset from,”It’s working against us,” to “It’s working with us.” ┬áBecause together, we can achieve the impossible. computers, technology and big data are not working against humans, they're optimizing humans This quote is powerful because it shows how different computers and humans are. We don’t compete with one another, and neither can act as a substitute for the other. However, we do supplement each other. This holds true even in business. The analysis of big data provides us with insight; insight that is actionable. But ultimately executives in the organization need to use their intuition to make decisions based on the insight. Data alone cannot make decisions, nor can it implement them. There is no tool that can accomplish everything that people can in a business. This is why humans will continue to play a major role in Big Data.    

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