PMO Implementation- A Guide for Success Getting the most out of a company’s resources paramount to success. With proper guidance and a set of repeatable checks and balances, an organization can evolve into the proverbial “well-oiled machine.” Cliintel has the expertise to guide companies by providing real-world experience that translates into standardized working models that are manageable and improve overall company success. The Client: A leading provider of insurance for new housing construction, as well as appliance and home warranty services, with ah IT staff of 38 professionals and a Finance Department consisting of 100 resources was preparing for an IPO. The Business Issue: The client was in the initial stages of executing a Sarbanes Oxley audit of both the Finance and Information Technologies departments. The audit required documentation gathering and composition as well as redesign recommendations that needed to be implemented immediately. The Approach: To address the audit, it was necessary to implement standardized, disciplined and repeatable methods and procedures surround the operations of the IT department and the interaction with the Finance department. To accomplish this, it was determined that the implementation of a Project Management Office (PMO) would serve as the basis of control; providing policies, dashboards, improved processes and ultimately improved project success rates. In addition to the oversight and control generated by the PMO, network directories were updated and standardized to manage the current and future work cycles. The Solution: Utilizing Cliintel’s methodology for creating a PMO, interviews and discovery sessions were held with key business stakeholders to determine goals and timelines. An implementation strategy was created which defined guiding principles and organizational structure, identified quality plans and success criteria, introduced standard project assets, formulated a tools-and-assets repository, built a human capital plan for staffing, and provided training so that the PMO institutionalization would occur quickly. The Project Results: The PMO was initiated and completed within an eight month period, with 100% acceptance and utilization by the twelfth month. Due to the new streamline processes and increased rigor around project management the client was able to significantly reduce employee workload and man hours, resulting in a cost savings of $192,000 the first year. Additionally, the control and repeatable processes managed by the PMO enabled the client to successfully pass the first preliminary Sarbanes Oxley audit.

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