Big Data Tips 1-2-3 is now available for purchase in any eBook format: iTunes, Kindle, Sony etc.

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At only $5, it is a steal! You get 123 one-liners about Big Data.

  A few of my favorites are:  
  • “You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.”
  • “Data engineers are like plumbers; no one calls one up unless there are serious problems.”
  • “Big data just takes up space, but smart data can change the space.”
  • “Data can be manipulated to say anything.”
  • “Pay equal attention to all three V’s of big data: volume, velocity and variety.”
  • “content is like milk; it has an expiration date.”
  • “There are now more machines connected to the internet than people.”
  • “Big data now allows sales and marketing to be more about math than magic.”
  • “People who understand data are experts in understanding your business.”
  • “If you have to do anything twice in a row, it can probably be automated.”
  • “The time to back up your data was yesterday.”
  • “Data is just facts. bad analysis lies.”
  • “You need to marry statistics with common sense.”
  • “Always turn your data into pictures. The brain processes visual input 60,000 times faster than textual input.”

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You can also watch the “Trailer” for Big Data Tips 1-2-3 Here


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