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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you harm my existing data?

Your data can be given to us on an external drive, a jump drive, or even a spreadsheet. No, we do not invade your servers, we do not corrupt your business, and there is no danger of us losing anything.

I have a tech department, why can’t they do this?

Perhaps they can, and perhaps they can’t. If they are properly trained data scientists and they have the time, they may be able to help you. However, we often find two interesting dynamics in our clients’ companies: 1) The tech department has other stuff to do 2) Data often has a great deal of personal ownership attached to it. We go after the source of truth and bypass the politics.

You don’t understand my business. How can you help me?

Our business is finding efficiencies in your own data. Regardless of your industry, company size or company culture.

Our data falls into different departments and it might not be standard. Can you work with that?

What data science is all about is tying those departments together and building a tool that is really a decision support system available to those who need it; from the C-suite executives to the front line employees. Standardizing the data so that we can compare apples to apples is a natural byproduct of our work.

I’m worried that if you see our data, you will see our corporate secrets.

We will see many of your corporate secrets, but that’s nothing to worry about. With decades in the business and an all-star client roster, we take confidentiality seriously. If you are still concerned, we can always launch a pilot project with less sensitive information. By the way, if we are doing our job right, we will see secrets you haven’t seen!

Will your services be a disruption to my company?

Any time you bring an outside force into a company, some people will be disrupted. However, we try to be as non-invasive as possible. We often suggest a meeting where we can let people know what’s going on. In the modern world the presence of a consultant may mean people are getting fired- that’s not the case with us.

I don’t know if an “out of the box” service can help our company.

Off the shelf products can really help….to a point. The real key here is understanding the processes, people, and nuances of your particular firm and your distinct situation. That’s why they call it data analytics.

Can my own technology people be involved?

We hope so! Technology departments are often keepers of the data. We are not trying to displace them, we are acting as a tool for them. 

We’ve spent a lot of money on data tools and data mining tools. How can we maximize that investment?

We feel that the best tools to use are the ones you already own; less training is needed, the company is familiar with them, and we can augment any tool you have with the appropriate add-ons and display features.

What happens to my company once you start uncovering information hidden in the data?

When we go to work, we get to the source of truth. You may decide to repurpose some personnel, change a business practice, or fix a business process. The important point here is that it’s your data and what you do with it is your business.

Different executives in our company need different kinds of data. Can you serve all of us?

Yes. All you need to do is help us prioritize a starting point.

Are your bringing specialized tools?

We bring specialized tools and specialized training to the table to fully understand your data, your information, and how it effects your business. Once we are finished, your toolkit will have standard tools that anyone you designate can use and fix.

Isn’t this a garbage in, garbage out scenario? If I give you bad data, how can you possibly help me?

The first discovery we make is the condition of your data. Is your data bad because it’s incomplete? Is it bad because it’s been manipulated? Is it bad because it’s inaccurate? Our first pass with your company will answer those questions.

Am I married to your company for life?

The beauty of our service is that we use standardized tools for data collection and presentation. This means that if we disappeared today, you could use your tools tomorrow.

Can I display the information any way I want it?

Yes! Quite frankly, that is where most executives really want to give input. They want a system they can use and the interface to it should be easy, with a little bit of fun.

What if you can’t help me?

Since this has never happened, we don’t really have an answer! Just about every company can benefit from the insight we provide. However, we will do a diagnosis to make sure we can help you.

Do you guarantee your services?

Yes, we offer a 10 X return on whatever you spend, or our service is free.

What is the ROI?

We guarantee an ROI of 10 X. For every dollar you spend, you should realize a gain of $10.

“Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital. – Aaron Levenstein, Business Professor

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