Accurate Forecasting of Technician Availability Provides Customers with a True- Appointment Promise

It is a common belief in the Communications industry that fixing work quota allocations will create efficient service delivery.  However, there is currently no silver bullet to “fix quot.” Over the past 15 years, broadband service providers have consolidated operations and added multiple product lines to consumer choices. However, over the same time period, back office tools and associated processes have not been enhanced to efficiently match the new complexity and scale of the business. As a result, business applications that are tied to billing systems functioning as the primary Customer Relationship Manager are ill suited to today’s business requirements.

The Client:

One of America’s largest Multi System Operators (MSOs) has been acquiring new systems and adding advanced services for the past five years. The MSO was reliant on incumbent cable billing systems and quota management tools for scheduling installation and service appointments. This condition was not going to change near term so they needed a way to improve current operations to more accurately reflect technician availability as well as forecast future appointment needs.

The Business Issue:

Because of inaccurate forecasting, technicians were consistently arriving late or missing appointments; repeat truck rolls were occurring and customer satisfaction levels were declining. The MSO needed to implement new processes and practices to enable the quota to be calculated and forecasted more accurately. Additionally, manual processes were prevalent and subject to manipulation, based primarily on the instinct of the quota management resource, rather than by set business rules. Customers were dissatisfied with inaccurate technician forecasting until Cliintel came in to help

The Approach:

Cliintel takes a creative, expansive approach to every business issue presented for resolution. Cliintel has the ability to design project plans and implement solutions that cross traditional silos. This holistic, custom approach was used to complete the discovery process while observing current quota management methods. The primary focus was on procedures and operational practices that impacted the creation and utilization of quota. Cliintel collected pertinent data prior to the site visits, and while on site, current process discussions were held with key system personnel. Cliintel completed firsthand observations of the quota management process and its impacts upon operations. Relationships were developed with the essential system personnel, ensuring anonymity to increase the level of honesty and data integrity. During the site visits, specific attention was placed on the identification and documentation of activities of quota influencers and impactors. Each area is identified in the diagram to the below. The Billing System impacts all silos within a business, including marketing, operating until, customer care, and the customers, themselves    

The Solution:

The Cliintel Consulting team members identified and developed implementation plans for 86 best practices for: managing, calculating and maintaining responsive quota systems. These best practices involved process and procedure changes across all departments that influence and impact quota. The ability to accurately forecast and allocate field resources required significant procedural and cultural changes affecting multiple departments.

The Project Results:

Upon completion, the Cliintel team presented the top issues relating to quota to the management team. Cliintel assigned each management group an ROI cost, and suggested the most pertinent tasks that needed to be addressed to solve the “quota question.” This presentation included tasks that could be completed in-house, as well as those that required additional, outside assistance. By strategically implementing the best practice recommendations, Cliintel’s client has reduced their costs associated with repeat truck rolls, improved completion rates and decreased customer churn. Possibly the most remarkable result was a substantial improvement in customer satisfaction, due to the company’s new ability to deliver on their service promises.

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