We are living in a disruptive time; digital disruption is huge. We can either be effected by the digital economy, or we can SHAPE it. But how can you be an active “shaper” of the future when innovation and technology is occurring so quickly, that no one can keep up? Brian Solis, a digital analyst, discusses this very topic in this video:
Adapt Digital – Or Die According to Mr. Solis, our biggest setback with causing disruption is that we compete for the moment, but not for the future. Take  “The Kodak Moment,” for instance; they truly lived in the moment (but in a bad way). Kodak acutally had many digital patents, but they didn’t embrace the digital revolution; for they feared that it would be like cannibalism of film photography. They were worried that if they embraced digital photography, it would make film go out of style. They were right. But just because they didn’t do it, doesn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t sweep in and do it themselves. Kodak was competing for the moment, not for the future. We can think of it like “Digital Darwinism.” You must adapt, or die. Change – Or Die But it can’t just be adapting to technology, it also has to be adapting to human behavior – which most people don’t do. Most people fear change. Maybe it’s not that they fear change…but rather they don’t want to do it themselves. We think, “Change is for the other person.” We want someone else to make the change, so we can see what happens. Then if all goes well, we will make the change. But, with how quickly technology and society is changing, this is too late in today’s digital world. This is dangerous for any business. Brian Solis makes a great point (this is my favorite quote of the entire presentation). He says, “If you’re not disrupting your own business model every year, then it’s going to be disrupted for you…so be the disruption.”  

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