It’s that time of year again! The pumpkins are carved, the decorations out and ready to spook the trick-or-treater’s, and you are most likely frantically searching your closet for anything that will come together to create this year’s creative costume. But what is worse than making it to the halloween party only to find both your neighbors Sally and George wearing your same costume?? Thankfully, big data is coming to the rescue this halloween. Google has gathered data from search history and location to create a live map of the most popular halloween costumes in your town. Frightgeist is an interactive data map that allows you to scroll around the country and find what the most popular costume in Denver, Colorado may be, while also looking at the top costume for Austin, Texas. Of course, these results are rooted in search data, so there’s no guarantee they’ll be people’s final costume choices. However, it is still fun to look at trending clusters that the map identifies by sorting through the mass amounts of data- not to mention, it could save you from buying the same costume as the rest of your town! This map also allows you to see the top ranked national costume trends, as well as search for your costume of choice and determine its popularity. But wait- big data doesn’t stop there in helping us to live up to our halloween potential. Statisticians around the world are taking census data to determine which areas will have the highest ratios of “prime trick-or-treating age” children. By taking the number of children (ages 5-14) and dividing them by the number of private dwellings in a census tract, we are able to use predictive analytics to see which neighborhoods should see the most trick-or-treating foot traffic this Halloween. So, before you put together your extremely last minute costume or buy an excessive amount of candy for your coming trick-or-treaters, remember to take some advice from the data! Click here for more spooky big data blogs!

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