Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We are a data analytics company that helps you make your business strategy happen. Our systems and insights work hand in hand with your business strategies extracting the actionable intelligence that will help you accomplish your goals.

Power to the Professional

In the average enterprise, only 28% of employees are using business intelligence (BI)1. Granting access to the information that helps employees make better decisions changes the bottom line of your organization. Our philosophy is simple: if you get the right information in front of the right people your business will achieve rapid improvements at every level.

Truth Equals Results

Our clients refer to Cliintel as their “single source of truth” because our INSIGHT(sm) process engineering methodology creates actionable information. We begin every engagement with a comprehensive analysis of your processes. We take the time to apply our methodology to identify solutions that will provide your business with staggering results.

Measure Everything

Guided by our philosophy of making data accessible, we’ve helped our clients to achieve measurable results.

Maximize Employee Productivity

We reduced one major client’s equipment installation service time 4 hours per day, providing $900,000 in accelerated revenue. Reduce Service Calls – We helped a client reduce monthly service calls that required site visits by 13,000, saving the company $2 million and counting. People First – We improved customer satisfaction for a major client by creating efficiencies within the customer care center. The result of lower customer turnover reduced lost revenue and provided $4.4 million in annual savings.

Proven Insights

Many of our clients have seen a 120% ROI in the first year.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

In 1932, Harvard professor Elton Mayo had a powerful epiphany in the Western Electrical Hawthorne plant in Chicago. Coined the “Hawthorn Effect,” it demonstrated that individual behaviors are altered simply because they are being measured. Mayo’s experiments showed that an increase in worker productivity was produced simply because someone was watching. In other words, the simple act of effectively measuring performance improves performance when done accurately.

Tell us what we can help you measure.

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1 September 2009 Gartner Survey: Business Intelligence Purchase Drivers and Adoption Rates

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