Process Efficiencies Save Hard and Soft Dollars While Expediting Project Completions

Within every organization, certain workflows and jobs are being performed inefficiently, simply because of inertia; they have “always been done that way.” Key employees often informally introduce additional elements to processes, without documenting how the work and results could be affected. The greatest source of value for clients of Cliintel revolves around the detailed review of the workflow process that Cliintel provides. We document the current state, evaluate each, individual step, remove redundancies and identify new ways to apply technology. Cliintel helps companies improve more that just job efficiency by identifying the bottom line.

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The Client:

A large U.S. Multi System Operator had centralized billing system operations for the 30 systems within its organization. Each system within the organization had different levels of technology and unique business needs.

The Business Issue:

System offerings and geographic diversity made configuring the billing system a difficult task. Since most activities within the organization touch the billing system in one way or another, any small change can create a huge impact.

Few processes were documented on the day-to-day details of the job, perhaps due to the combination of new hires and experienced application specials configuring the system. The group had become the de facto project management team, for the entire organization. Furthermore, additional systems had recently been added from acquisitions and mergers. However,  no additional staff had been added to the billing team. Many projects were backlogged as much as four weeks.

The client needed to formally identify problems within the billing group, prioritize these issues, allocate resources to a myriad of projects and determine what, if anything, needed to be contracted to an outside group. Cliintel was selected to assist with this complex project.

The Approach:

Using our proprietary INSIGHT™ system, the Cliintel consulting team conducted business intelligence interviews, both on-site and over the phone, talking to not only the members of the billing team, but also with internal customers of the billing team, ranging from IT, to finance, to marketing. Key processes were documented, discussions were completed with members of management. Data was compiled and presented; critical issues costing the division the most money were assessed according to economic and performance impact.

The Solution:

Cliintel prioritized the projects within the department, allocated resources based on availability and implemented communications plans to ensure projects were completed in a timely manner. Roles and responsibilities were developed and process redundancies and shortfalls were identified. Internal resources were “re-purposed” in roles that were more suited to their skill sets. The reorganization of the billing team integrated resources in the field with the centralized group – allowing for more efficient workload distribution.

The Project Results:

The efficient allocation of the workload allowed the client to be more responsive to the system’s needs. The project backlog was reduced to just one week. Hard dollar cost savings of $90,000 per month were realized by the reduction of contract labor. A similar amount of soft dollar savings were realized as well. The organization recognized a return on investment within the first month. 

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