In the amount of time it takes you to read this sentence, thousands of executives are searching the internet for ways to improve their sales processes. Sales are at the top of the priority list for any executive; if you can’t sell, then you don’t have a business…at least not for long. So the natural thing to do for any executive of an organization suffering from their sales process, is to make a change, and make it quick. What’s quicker than typing, “How do I fix my sales process?” into Google? Not much. Google may be a great place to find quick tips, on just about anything, but it may actually not be the best place to find tips to solving major business problems. The tips may not even be right, you don’t know until you try them. And as a successful and proactive executive, you don’t have time for guessing games – you need to make positive change, and quickly. Often times when business processes are suffering, there is another immediate change that sparked disruption. Maybe your company just restructured, there was a big change in management, or a new division added. Whatever the reason is, it has already caused confusion and chaos, so playing guessing games is not going to help. Ultimately this strategy will cost you more, slow you down, anger your customers, and get in the way of you running your business. Don’t wait for the wall to tumble down and hope that super glue will fix it – the internet said it would. You want to identify key indicators that may suggest you have a crack in the wall, and get a mason over there right away BEFORE it comes crumbling down. Here are some indicators that your sales performance is at jeopardy: It costs too much to make a sale Long sales cycles Lack of standardization Things are always done manually Poor sales training You have too many rules (to try to make up for no standardization and poor training) Yes, almost ALL organizations suffer from these common business problems. And you have probably tried to take care of one or more of these problems on your own already. But did you solve them? Did you solve them ALL? Or did you just put a band-aid on it? Are you certain there isn’t manipulated data, so it appeared as though these weren’t problems? Maybe it is time to find someone to help you fix these problems. Someone with this expertise, and someone that can do it quickly. Then you can quickly get back to building your business, rather than putting out fires, and patching walls. Unlike Mother Theresa, businesses are actually predictable, so fires can be prevented. Some consultants are able to analyze your data to quickly diagnose problems with your sales process – even the hidden ones you didn’t know yet that you even had. Even manipulated data can be identified. Using this information, consultants can work out the kinks in your processes, to fix these problems, prevent new ones, and even make things a little easier on you. They can help you eliminate the hassles, headaches, the manual processes, and even some of your employee’s roles, so you can better utilize your resources. If you have gotten to this point, and read this far, then this clearly is not the time to be playing “trial and error.” If you are having sales process problems or warning signs, don’t waste time searching the web for tips. Stop reading this, and take control of your sales, of your processes and of your business.

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