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Data by itself is boring, but information is power.


Your organization deals with a lot of data. But, is it information? Can you use it? Can it help you allocate resources better? Can it point out holes in your systems? Can you calculate costs effectively?

Dealing With Data?


“Wouldn’t it make sense to have all your data, in an easy to understand format, at the tip of your fingers?”


We can save you money.

We can make you money.


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When you add business know-how to data, you get information.


Requests can be as simple as:

• What is my true cost of a sale?

• What is my true cost of a meeting?

• How often should I repair my trucks?

• What does a lost customer cost me?

• What is my real cost of warehousing a product?


Requests, however, can also be very complicated:

• How can I get more productivity from my 10,000 techs in the field?

• Am I appropriately compensating my 5,000 call center employees?

• Have I set the right measurements for customer satisfaction with achievable, definable milestones?

• Does it make sense to outsource any key business processes?

• How do I write a business case for expanding a product line?

• What do I do about my database architecture?

• How do I handle the fact that I have 500 different interfaces?

• Does it make business sense for my employees to be using Facebook?

“It’s not about the data. It’s about what you do with it.”

Let us help you achieve measurable results.

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