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The best way to make money is to sell something. And that means sell something that is profitable to the organization. We are always startled to see how many firms invest in opportunities simply because there seems to be a mythical upside.

A realistic, understandable source of truth should not only save your firm money, but also make your firm money. Simply put, data science can give you a forecast as to what opportunities will make your company money and be easier on the service side of your business.

If we can spot a pot of gold from data science, we can also help you inject the business acumen to go after it.

Sales forecasting is a fancy term for saying “wish list.” Stock prices of companies go up and down because the firms either don’t hit their forecasts or markets have not adopted their products according to a projected schedule.


Data science can help here.


• We can spot and explain trends in your sales cycle.

• We can help you gauge which deals are winners, and which should be placed on hold.

• We can arm your negotiators with better knowledge about their own customers.

• We can help you manage your cost of sale.

• We can explain industry trends and show you where markets are headed.

• And more.


“Big data and analytics now allows sales and marketing to be more about math than magic.”

Let us help you achieve measurable results.

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