Streamlined Reports Save Time and Money Broadband operators rely on the billing systems to provide them with accurate and timely reports. These reports are crucial to day-to-day operations and are increasingly important for strategic planning and the execution of business goals. The Client: A large system in one of America’s biggest Multi System Operators responsible for 250,000 customers. The Business Issue: The System was using time intensive manual processes to develop reports necessary to sustain ongoing business. Because many different queries were used to retrieve data from the billing system, there were often inconsistent results from different reports. It was standard practice to run and merge multiple reports from the billing system. Data from multiple sources was being copied into spreadsheets and manipulated to provide actionable information. The coordination of reports between departments was non-existent and there was no standardized Methods and Procedures (M&Ps) for the development of reports. The reporting department was stretched beyond capacity and new report requests were backlogged as much as two weeks. The System retained Cliintel to help streamline and document the reporting processes. The Approach: Cliintel takes a creative, expansive approach to every business issue presented for resolution. Our project professionals evaluate the situation, design a solution that fits, gain adoption and optimize performance. Cliintel’s focus was on increasing productivity and reducing costs by examining and evaluating reports for each department – independently and thoroughly. Using this holistic approach, Cliintel team members interviewed and met with end users in 8 departments to assess their reporting needs and identify redundancy. Cliintel performed a gap analysis and inventoried and performed an audit of many of the crucial reports needed for day-to-day business operations. Labor intensive and inefficient manual processes were targeted and re-engineered. Consolidation opportunities were identified and redesigned. The Solution: The Cliintel consulting team members designed and developed new queries, extracting only the relevant data necessary for each report. Database clean-up tools were created to ensure the accuracy of the data and work processes were streamlined to consolidate redundant reports. Additionally, Cliintel:
  • Identified and re-designed current reports and procedures
  • Identified and designed report and process modifications
  • Implemented a strategic plan that included process re-engineering and system enhancements
  • Implemented a KPI plan and provided on-going KPI analysis framework
  • Provided recommendations for further enhancements
  • Provided a base for future reporting development
  • Worked with staff to ensure knowledge transfer
The Project Results: By identifying redundancies, targeting high effort processes and consolidating efforts, Cliintel re-engineered the System’s reporting process into a more efficient and accurate work flow. This project resulted in important benefits for our client:
  • Realized immediate efficiency gains with reduction of redundant efforts
  • Reduced Internal Resource Workload by 250 hours/month
  • Improved report accuracy by minimizing cut and past procedures
  • Achieved return on investment in less then 4 months
  • Improved internal customer satisfaction by reducing report backlog

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