While no one can predict the future with 100% accuracy, but with the help of big data and predictive analytics, we can be more accurate than ever before. Here are 4 trends from this Geekwire article, that give us a “sneak” preview of the future of machine learning, data analysis, the cloud and more. Every Business Will Be An Algorithmic Business They predict that everything at scale will one day be completely managed by data and algorithms. However, there is a need for these effective platforms to manage these algorithmic businesses. There Will Be Cloud-Hosted Intelligence  Years ago, to get a garment made, you would have to buy yards of fabric, take it to a tailor where they would measure you and you would get the article of clothing a couple weeks later. Today, data analytics is a lot like tailoring 60 years ago. It takes a long time to do, a lot of effort, and can only be done by people with specialized skill sets. But today, making clothes has been automated. It is predicted that the future of data will be a lot like making clothes today. We expect to be able to mass product machine learning models, just like we mass manufacture clothing today. “Then the data to do that becomes widely available in the cloud. We’re going to have a cloud platform that’s like a department store.” There Will Be Mission-Critical Intelligent Apps DocuSign is a great example of this. Machine learning and algorithms are starting to be used to develop “mission-critical intelligent apps.” This will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to close a contract. Industrial Internet of Things Today, most of the attention is focused on customer IoT – such as wearable deviceslike the FitBit. But in the future, industrial IoT will also be noted. We can expect to see a future where 50 billion machines are connected – machines everywhere. Hospitals, factories, and even football statistics and energy grid management with IoT advancements.    

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