The “Line of Ambivalence” This is an interesting term. Companies start by going after customers. The customer is taken through a journey while the firm does everything to keep them. During this journey, the customer touches the company many times. Sales, delivery, service, billing, collection, installations are just some of the contact points between customer and company. Imagine a firm with a call center, an installation center, a service center, complaint center and billing center…and even more. Our solutions enhance these ‘touch points’ in an effort to keep the customer above the Line of Ambivalence. Ambivalence is neutral. Above it is success and below it is unhappiness. If the customer experience is beneath the line of ambivalence consistently, your customer will leave the current company for a competitor. When the customer is kept above the line of ambivalence across organizations silos, it leads to the retention of the customer. If you have them above the line of ambivalence, it’s way easier to sell them more. In fact, it is six times more profitable to sell an existing customer than it is to sell a new customer. Cliintel’s consulting and advisory services extend to the field of supply chain and inventory management, call center management, optimization, sales and many others. As customers go from one department to another, there are contact points, and drop off points. There are also a lot of places customers can get dissatisfied, angry or become “ex customers.” Cliintel assists customers in staying above the line of ambivalence through our business consulting and information services by identifying the gaps in people, processes, and tools.  By providing insight into big data and offering innovative solutions through its consulting and information services, Cliintel can spot the communication breakdowns between silos. This provides the b process improvements and intelligence tools that will ensure your company takes customers from intention to retention. We’re proud to help our clients solve tough problems and achieve stunning results. To see what kind of results Cliintel can deliver for you, please contact us.

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