As companies are always striving for better, we at CliIntel are striving for great. Often times, it can be tempting to try and make the company’s results look better by declining assets and investments to reduce costs. Since this is not the way to make a company truly great, there are three rules that can serve as corrective measures to the leadership all-too-fallible intuition.

  1. Better before cheaper
    1. Look to competing on other options and desires than price
  2. Revenue before cost
    1. Prioritize and follow a process to increase revenue, prior to reducing costs amongst the company
  3. There are no other rules 
    1. We are a change company. In order to fall in line with what we do for our clients, we must first follow rules 1 and 2

Truly great companies accept higher costs as a price of excellence, which creates a non-price value and generates higher revenue; leading back to our mission of: “Happy Employees, Happy Clients.”  Outstanding performance is created and executed by grander value, not by lower price. Companies that seek sustained profitability should pursue strategies consistent with these three rules and avoid those that aren’t. CliIntel values our employees; our people are our product. Our cultural approach and attitude holds success in balance for CliIntel, especially when our leadership team upholds following the three rules to making our company truly great. At the end of the day, everyone is responsible for making CliIntel great. An individual department does not drive success without interlinking other departments and brilliant individuals. We cannot create a truly great company by only following these three rules, but also through: teamwork, innovation, communication, and selflessness. 


Richard Batenburg Jr., CEO

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