Insight Methodology

Our Process

INSIGHT™ is Cliintel’s industry-leading methodology that solves your company’s most complex problems. INSIGHT™ is designed with a flexible approach that easily adapts to the current stage of your organization, large or small. Using a series of rapid, self-funding improvements, INSIGHT™ creates manageable change and fast ROI. Explore the real results we’ve helped our customers achieve.

Systems Implementation


When systems are broken, access to accurate data becomes impossible. Cliintel’s system implementation team helps you identify the causes of systemic business problems and implements the solutions that drives results.


  • Business Process Analysis
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Supply Chain and Inventory Management
  • Call Center Management and Optimization

Transform Your Business into an advanced Customer-Centric Organization


Let our Business Process Consultants combine their expertise with actionable data and recommendations to improve business operations. What you’ll get are incremental improvements in the performance of technicians, contractors and call centers; creating better customer experiences with every interaction.

  • Get visibility into performance at the region, department, team, and individual employee level.
  • Identify the causes of systemic business problems.
  • Optimize Your Existing Processes or Implement New Ones.
  • Track the results of your business transformation efforts.

What Gets Measured Gets Done


Cliintel® can create performance metrics that align with your new initiatives. Using our proprietary BI solution, we give employees at every level of your organization visibility into their performance. This high-visibility approach creates faster adoption of new initiatives and faster results.

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