Growing the business is the goal for most organizations. Managing that growth becomes difficult while managing and meeting the day‐to‐day business goals. Cliintel provides real world experience to facilitate operational improvements, create best practices and take businesses to their next level of success.

The Client

A leading provider of insurance for new housing construction as well as appliance and home warranty services had experienced exponential growth. This growth began taxing internal systems, specifically the IT department’s trouble‐ticketing system.

The Business Issue

When organizations experience extreme business surges, much of their time, money, focus and resources are spent upgrading and adding customer facing applications while internal systems are pushed to their limits, or even neglected. The client’s IT department found itself needing to support both a myriad of new tools on multiple platforms, as well as an onslaught of new employees. The rudimentary trouble ticketing system they had been using for years was not capable of responding to the rapid growth. The increased utilization of the ticketing system soon revealed that the system and associated processes did not support adequate problem identification, timely resolution or proactive trend reporting. Furthermore, established and ‘rightsized’ Service Level Agreements had not been baselined or followed and resulting in longer than necessary system outages and downtime.

The Approach

Utilizing Cliintel’s INSIGHT methodology, the team took a holistic view of the client’s business operations, and through a series of end‐user interviews and operational observations, gathered system and user requirements. Existing contractual commitments required that the client continue to use the existing trouble‐ticketing system. Cliintel examined the existing system and identified features and functionality not being used and presented a plan to modify and upgrade current versions to meet the growing needs of the client.

The Solution

Cliintel worked with the trouble‐ticketing vendor to complete system reinstallation and improved report development. The trouble‐ticketing system was redeployed with appropriate support, documentation and procedures. Cliintel established modified procedures and standards to facilitate disciplined ticket management. The new and improved utilization of the ticketing system resulted in a cost savings of $75,000 per year and created an enterprise repository and improved management of resources.


The reimplementation of the trouble ticketing system enabled the client to reduce system outages and proactively prevent future outages from occurring. The new and improved utilization of the ticketing system resulted in a cost savings of $75,000 per year and created an enterprise repository and improved management of resources.

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