Was it Frank? Grace? Barney? Someone Else? A customer (Mary) is not satisfied with the company and the service they have provided her with. Was it because Terry was late to the installation appointment? Or because Grace forgot to mention to Mary that there would be a $15 equipment fee? Or was it Barney’s fault for not correctly entering the promo code for the special that Mary had purchased? It could be any of these. Or none of these. This is where Cliintel can help. The team at Cliintel can determine where and when these issues are occurring. They can fill gaps in people, processes and tools. They can also do this whether your business is in the cable industry, the automotive industry, or anything in between. You can watch the video either by clicking it, or clicking THIS LINK, to connect to the video through our Big Data Video website. If you want to learn more about how you can save money using big data, go HERE. This is a blog about how you can utilize big data tools to help save money. You can also look elsewhere in the site for more tips.  

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