Here is a great talk about how big data is impacting every person’s life. The ecosystem of technologies in the Big Data world are transforming how we travel, how we trade, how we find jobs, how we find love, and how we find new customers for our businesses. It is enabling us to do all of these things more efficiently. It’s not just the technologies revolving around data that are enabling us to efficiently accomplish tasks. It’s the actual data, itself, and the insight it provides us with. Today, we have massive amounts of data, we have the ability to structure that data to enable us to derive insight from that data. And finally, we can use that insight, and put it to use. 30 years ago, people did not have this ability to derive insight from data (at least not at the scale we have today). According to the presentation in this Big Data video, between 1970 and 1993, there was 1 billion gigabytes of data available (and ready to use) for commercial use. In 2014, this number jumped to 5 billion…but not total…this is just in one day. We had 5 billion gigabytes of data, structured and ready for use each day. What is even more remarkable is the fact that this 5 billion gigabytes actually came from 25 billion gigabytes – we just only had the ability to structure 5 billion of it. This amount of data and information can answer many questions we have about the world – about the economy, about diseases, about health and more. Now imagine as our ability to collect, structure and analyze data increases…could data one day answer ANY question we have? For example, it seems as though we are in a constant debate about health and nutrition. What’s healthy? What diets will help me lose weight? We have health data on millions and millions of people, and can compare it to food data, we can begin to answer some of these questions. You may think that answering theses questions is easy and straightforward. Eating fewer calories and less sugar will obviously help me lose weight. And vegetables are healthy and fat is not. But this is actually wrong. This is a false assumption that we have. In fact (I’m about to make your day right now), through data analysis, they have found that fat doesn’t actually have much of an impact on health. And consuming more fat (dairy fat) actually helps you excrete more fat through your waste. So as the amount of data we continue to collect and analyze increases, we can expect to find answers to many of your questions, and find solutions to many of the world’s problems. Some of these include, food shortages, poverty and global economic underdevelopment, cancer, and can even help you find a spouse.    

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